Frequently Asked Questions
What population will be served by the Rushville Fitness and Community Center?

The Rushville Fitness and Community Center (RFCC) serves all of Schuyler County and the surrounding areas.  This includes people who work here or visit the area but live elsewhere.  Membership is open to all interested parties. There will be guest passes available for purchase for one-time visitors.

Who can become a member of the RFCC?

We began recruiting members in the Spring of 2018 and continue to do so.  There are several membership categories:  Other portions of our website describe the various membership plans in detail and the current pricing levels.

Where is the RFCC facility located? 

The facility is at 120 Rodewald Drive in Rushville.  It is clearly visible from US Route 67 and located just north of the intersection of US Route 67 and US Route 24.

What are the major components of the RFCC facility and site?

The major components of the facility include the following:

1) Fitness/wellness center with a full range of fitness equipment, free weights, small play area for kids visible from the workout area, and two changing rooms with showers.  This area covers approximately 4,000 square feet.

2) Gymnasium consisting of a regulation high school basketball court (i.e. 84’ by 50’) with marked areas for a volleyball court and pickle ball courts and batting cages that can be lowered from the ceiling.  There is also a walking track on the second floor that circles the gymnasium (12 laps to a mile).

3) An indoor pool with dimensions of 75′ by 25′ which will allow members to swim laps.

4) Lobby/welcoming area in the center of the building consisting of a registration desk, lounge area, vending machines, and a recreational area with pool table and Foosball.

5) An all-purpose room located just off the lobby that will be used for group fitness activities such as yoga, Zumba, and other general instructor-led group fitness activities.  This room can also be scheduled for other community meetings.

6) A spin room accessible from the fitness center with multiple bicycles for use in spin classes.

7) Outside the building and just South of the main facility are a tennis court, two pickle ball courts, and two batting cages.

What will be the hours of operation for the RFCC?

Lobby/Welcoming Area and Gymnasium

Monday – Saturday    5:30am – 9:00pm

Sunday                         11:00am – 9:00pm

Swimming Pool

Monday- Saturday     6:00am-8:30pm

Sunday                        11:30am-8:30pm

(At times the pool, gymnasium, & community room might be closed for special functions)

How will the RFCC be staffed?

The staff of the RFCC will be a combination of paid professional staff and community volunteers.  A full time facility director has been developing various aspects of programming, developing policies and procedures, and preparing the facility for opening.  Several part-time paid staff oversee program activities, facility cleaning, and facility maintenance.  Volunteers will be needed for activities such as staffing the reception area, leading certain group classes, staffing the child activity area during peak times, and incidental cleaning/maintenance.

Who owns the Rushville Fitness and Community Center?

The facility is owned by a 501(c)(3) corporation and operated as a not-for-profit.  Corporation status was granted by the State of Illinois on March 6, 2018.  Approval of our 501(c)3 application was received in December 2018.

What is the governing structure for the RFCC?

The RFCC has a 7 member board of directors.  Each membership unit in RFCC (family membership or individual membership) has one vote in electing the members of the board.  The current board members and elected officers are the following: Tim Ward (president), Bob Jones (vice president), Lynn Stambaugh (secretary), Harold Sargent (treasurer), Elaine Boyd, Tim Higgins, and Carrie Skiles. An annual membership meeting is held in the spring of each year to elect board members.  Note: The 2020 membership annual meeting was scheduled and then postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

How will the RFCC be financed?

While an anonymous donation is funding construction costs, operating costs will be the responsibility of the community.  Operating costs will be covered through a combination of membership dues, charitable contributions through an annual appeal, and occasional grant opportunities.

Are gifts to the RFCC annual appeal tax deductible?

Yes, gifts to the RFCC, over and above the fair market value of any services provided, are tax deductible if you itemize deductions when filing your tax return.  As always, donors should consult with their tax advisor on their individual situation.

How will funds raised through the annual appeal be utilized?

Funds raised through the annual appeal will be used for several purposes:

1) to cover any initial operating costs prior to opening

2) to fund any operating deficits during operation

3) to provide capital replacement funds moving forward.

4) to provide scholarships for members unable to afford membership rates.

What are the benefits of having such a facility in Rushville?

While there are other fitness centers in communities surrounding Rushville, all require a substantial drive from the city of Rushville; research indicates that requiring more than a 20 minute drive is a major obstacle to regular exercise.  It is felt that a fitness center within Rushville will encourage healthy lifestyles among residents of Rushville and surrounding area.  It will promote exercise by residents even during periods of inclement weather.

Likewise, while there are other gymnasiums within the city of Rushville, all of them, with one exception, are currently operated by Schuyler Unit District 5.  The one exception is the gymnasium on US Route 24 west of Rushville on a campus now owned by The Crossing as a site for their church camps.  Each of the school gyms currently face scheduling demands that cannot be fully satisfied.

In the bigger picture, the RFCC is not just about the facility itself.  It is meant to provide a source of pride for the community, generated partly by community efforts needed to make it a successful operation.  In addition to providing healthy activities for residents on a year-round basis, it can also provide a center for social interaction among residents of all ages.