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Make an Impact at the RFCC



Our community is founded on the idea of supporting each other.


There are many ways you can get involved and utilize your talents with RFCC. We offer internships and volunteer opportunities that can be a great experience for you and others.  When you volunteer or intern with RFCC, you are doing more than just sharing your time and passion, you’re helping your neighbors in the community become stronger.



At the RFCC, your time and talent go a long way. Every hour you spend as an RFCC volunteer provides you the opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives, helping them improve the quality of their life. There are opportunities every single day to give back to the RFCC. Find yours.


RFCC Volunteers Enjoy:

  • A wide variety of  programs and services to fit personal interests

  • Options for one-time, seasonal, and ongoing volunteerism

  • Making new friends, networking, and gaining experience

  • To get started as an RFCC Volunteer, please fill out our online application.


The RFCC offers internship opportunities in a variety of areas to help you grow professionally and personally. Our RFCC internships are unpaid. 

To get started as an RFCC volunteer or intern, please complete submit form below.

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