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Members are welcome to visit our 24/7 access fitness room for an individual workout on state-of-the-art fitness equipment. To access the fitness room after-hours, simply purchase a personal key fob for a one-time fee of $10 from the front desk. One-on-one or small group personal training options are available if you would like more assistance. Group fitness along with Mind and Body classes are offered throughout the day in the Group Fitness Room. 

Group Fitness

With over 100 classes to choose from during the fall and spring semesters and a busy summer schedule, there is no shortage of classes to choose from! Check out the group fitness schedule for more information about class descriptions, times and locations, meet our instructors and much more! Group fitness classes are included with your membership.

Personal Training

The vision of the Personal Training Program is to facilitate the process of helping people make themselves better by improving their quality of life and physical fitness. Our mission is to offer our clients an enjoyable, motivation-filled, custom, productive, smart and engaged experience by receiving coaching by a well-trained, nationally certified personal training team.  To learn more about becoming a personal trainer, email us at


MyZone MEPS leaderboard

The Rushville Fitness & Community Center is a MyZone registered facility! Click on the MyZone logo to view our current leaderboard among our MyZone Belt users!  

MyZone Belts are available at the front desk, stop by and ask more about MyZone today! 

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